21 Day Fix

Every day is an adventure in creating, exploring, and discovering. I didn’t always feel like this, there was a time not so long ago that I didn’t have the energy to enjoy my family life. However, that changed when I found out about some healthy tools.

Today I’m loving the 21 Day Fix.

Instead of it being a diet the 21 Day Fix teaches you how to eat healthy. The meal plan is based on a calculated container system based on your starting weight, activity level, and goals. Here’s an example of an image that’s circulating around pinterest, however the original source page is broken.

The thing I love — while doing “The Fix” you don’t have to count calories or guess if a certain meal is “allowed”. You don’t even have to stop eating pizza.

The hard(ish) part is that it takes a little bit of planning, especially if you’re just starting out.

However the results are well worth the effort. I have lost over 35 pounds, just by changing my eating habits.

If you want to increase your weight loss and healthy lifestyle habits you may want to  buy the containers, shakes, and exercise program. And, if you’re interested in doing that please consider contacting my beachbody coach and friend Heather Dubay at heather@intentionallyfit.com

3 Responses to 21 Day Fix

  1. I’ve been debating doing beach body. I work with a couple of people that are on it and look great. But the food prep seems intense to me lol
    Does it get easier the more you do it?

    • Hey Sara! Great to hear from you. Danny and I are doing the 21 day fix right now. It gets a lot easier with time. One of the things we do is make sure to make enough to pack for lunch the next day. I’ll post some of my recipes on the blog. Give your family our love. Hope to see you this winter!

      • Hi!!
        I’m up for anything right now. I’ll have to give it a try! I think if I set my mind to it I can food prep!! Ok I’ll have to look for them thank you 🙂
        I will!
        I can’t wait to see you guys 🙂

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