We Had An Amazing Pre 4th of July Weekend

We had an amazing weekend. We got to spend lots of time just hanging out as a family, and if you know my family that means we had a great time.

S and I started the weekend by heading to Kidventure for a mother son date.

Then we went to Yogurt Mountain.

They’re running a special right now thru July 19 where after just two visits customers receive a Buy One, Get One Free mobile coupon; after five visits an exclusive YOMO popcorn box; after 10 visits the Fandango Promo Code which allows customers to receive up to $15.00 total ticket and convenience fee value towards one movie ticket to see any movie at Fandango partner theaters in the U.S.  So if you’re planning on visiting I highly recommend signing up for YOMO.

I brought S back home and  I went to the grocery store and bought our weekly groceries for $100! I’ll go back a couple of times (for millk & fruit), but will only end up spending $120 for our family of 6. I’ll share a couple of our recipes with you, but my secret weapon is simple meals and Aldi. 

Another highlight of our week was visiting Alive Wesleyan Church. This church is very purposeful and they just finished an amazing series on HEAT.

Mr. Beren was gifted an early birthday present by some dear mission minded friends. I was going to wait until mid September to give this to him, but I’m so glad I didn’t. Mr. Beren still hasn’t stopped saying thank you.

Finally we ended our weekend with good friends, laughter, great conversation and tacos!

Like I said it was a great weekend, and I’m beyond thankful for the many blessings God has given us!  What have you guys been up too?

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