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Black Beauty & Foster Care

The other day I finished reading Black Beauty to the kids, and I cried hard. It wasn’t a pretty cry with little tears running down my cheeks. Nope it was a full on UGLY cry. If you’re not familiar with this story it’s the tale written in 1877 by English author Anna Sewell.  In the… Continue Reading

Childhood Dreams

When you were younger, did you ever get asked “What do you want to be when you grow up?” Or are you guilty of asking this question? When I was younger I had three distinct things I wanted to do when I grew up. Now that I’m 30+  I realize I didn’t accomplish any of… Continue Reading

Straw Jewelry

I’ve been slowly working with Mr. Beren and Snicklefritz through a book called Engage. This E book is by Jamie Reimer, and I just love how Jamie reminds us of the simple things in life. Her website, Hands On As We Grow, is a wonderful compilation of simple, fun, and engaging activities. Mr. Beren and… Continue Reading

Time Maps

A while ago I had the privilege of teaching a community college. I loved this job because I had the opportunity to talk to adults about subjects that I needed to know more about like Time Maps. I’m so thankful for my Time Map because it is a simple way to make sure that I’m… Continue Reading

My Secret Weapon

A couple of months ago I was very unhealthy and even blacked out a couple of times. I needed daily naps and was not the mom I always thought I would be. Then I was introduced to a healthy tool, and everything has changed. Continue Reading