Berry Thyme Farm

We went to a F& H farms the other day for a playdate with the owners. Oh my goodness, this place is just beautiful! Acres of crops with just about any kind of vegetable you can imagine, and the cutest chicks and rabbits you’ve ever seen.

E got to pull onions out of the ground. As much as I dream of a country life, I have very little experience with growing my own food, and had no idea it was that easy to pull onions out of the ground.

A little while after we got there we packed up our kids and took them to a cute little blueberry orchard tucked away on the dirt roads of Wesminster, SC. The orchard we went to is called Berry Thyme Farm.

It was a fun outing for both of our families, and a complete mom win. These tiny berries pack a mean health punch they’re filled with vitamin K, C contain copper and fiber and contain antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

I highly recommend the Berry Thyme Farm!

Just a word of advice before you head out,please call ahead to be sure that the blueberry farm you would like to visit is open for the season, as opening times often vary according to weather and when the fruit is ripe. Hours may also vary due to produce availability.

With the way the kids are eating berries I doubt we’ll be able to try any blueberry recipes, but here are a couple for you to try. What’s your favorite way to eat blueberries?

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    • Adriane,
      Do you have a secret recipe for the pancakes? My blueberry pancakes always end up thin. 🙁

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