Book Review: Tipping Sacred Cows (Part 1)

One of my goals for this year is to read more. I want to read books that challenge, encourage, and entertain me. A good friend inspired this thirst for knowledge by asking a simple question, “What are your favorite Jesus books?”.

“My what?” You see like many Christians I have just been spoon fed from the pulpit for so long that my image of Christ is formed by what I’ve heard and experienced and sometimes read in the Bible (although not as often as I should).

And so I’m on a quest to rediscover or rather truly discover for the first time my answer to the questions Jesus poses to His disciples in  Matthew 16:13-20.  “Who do people say I am” and “Who do you say I am?”. If I’m willing to place my life (and eternity) at stake for the gospel then it’s pretty important that I deeply know and understand  the answers to these two questions.

So through my quest I’m re reading the gospels and  I’m also reading books lots of books. Some of them by well known Christian authors like Tim Keller and others by people who are just seeking answers to the questions that this world poses.

This morning I sat down with Tipping Sacred Cows by Betsy Chase you can check it out on Amazon (affiliate link). 

This book claims to be “ The uplifting story of spilt milk and finding your own spiritual path in a hectic world.” So far I’ve found the book humorous, insightful, and profane.

But, I guess before I delve into the book  I need to include Betsy’s definition of a sacred cow which is “an idea, custom, or institution considered to be exempt from criticism or questioning” (xxix)

And so I’m left reflecting on  Jesus’ questions to His disciples and Betsy’s encouragement. I believe it is through a crisis of faith or “tipping the sacred cows” that our faith grows stronger. And even though part of me feels that Christ should be the ultimate “Sacred Cow” He encourages the disciples to question and understand who He is and what He teaches.  

Through reading her book I’m realizing that some of my “sacred cows” include beauty, truth, contentment, success, and recently Christ. I’ll write about those when I have time (currently Snicklefritz is bringing me her shoes and insisting that we go outside).

So what are your “Sacred Cows”? And have you tipped any of them lately?

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