Childhood Dreams

When you were younger, did you ever get asked “What do you want to be when you grow up?”

Or are you guilty of asking this question?

When I was younger I had three distinct things I wanted to do when I grew up. Now that I’m 30+  I realize I didn’t accomplish any of those things YET and I’m learning that’s OK.  Life hasn’t gone exactly how I thought it was going to, but I wouldn’t trade my experiences. I’m also realizing that life is a journey and sometimes you don’t need to achieve childhood dreams as soon as you arrive at adulthood.

So I’ll share my childhood dreams with you (if you promise not to laugh).

First, I repeatedly told my mom that I wanted to have 6  ( S… I … X) kids.  For some reason I only remember two of their names Destiny Michelle Hope and RyAnne Alexus. Fast forward 20 years and I don’t have six kids — I do have 4 — but even those kids don’t have the names I picked out. After I had my fourth the doctor informed me that I couldn’t have any more, but I still hold onto my dream of a house full of children.

Second, I poured myself over Animal Almanacs particularly dog and horse almanacs memorizing which dogs and horses would work well with what types of households. I was going to own a ranch that helped re home animals. Fast forward 20 years and I don’t even own one dog — I do have a dog that sometimes visits me while his owners go on month long world travels. Even though my hands are too full for a dog or more than half an acre right now that dream still hasn’t died.

Third, I dreamed of owning a counseling center. I wanted to help people (adolescent girls in particular)  realize their potential even though life sometimes throws curve balls. I wanted to help people overcome obstacles and recognize their true value and worth. And even though I sometimes got the chance to do this while teaching at the college I want to pursue this dream even more.

Those dreams are still strong in my soul — These are things I wanted to do when I grew up— I’m grown up and I still haven’t “arrived”. Sometimes I struggle with the normal humdrum of life because I realize that life is so finite and sometimes it seems that those dreams are so far away. That’s what lead to me starting this blog I wanted to help overcome my struggle with being content while dealing with the humdrum of the ordinary.

But recently Danny and I were talking about what contentment really means, and he read me a quote by John Eldridge —  Contentment is not freedom from desire, but freedom of desire.

So now that I have been writing and dreaming for a little bit I want to share my hopes and desires for the future to further develop contentment.

I’d also like to take you guys through a process of transforming childhood dreams (that seem weird) into reality. I taught goal setting for years as an adjunct, and now I want to put my teaching into process. I’m beyond excited to share our vision and baby steps with you guys!

Please keep reading and encouraging me. I need it.


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