Chore Systems

S has been asking for a way to earn money. I think we’re all tired of me being a “no mom”.

As in “Hey mom, will you buy me a ___’’  (fill in the blank with lots of sweets and Legos)

The answer to this was a wages system for the three older kids.  We’ve implemented that system this week.

Before we did that there was a family discussion about how not everything mom asks you to do deserves payment. Some things you do because you’re part of the family–  like helping out with Snicklefritz or finding Mr. Beren’s lost blanket.

The chores are based on a chore chart a friend referred me too and are broken into 4 categories: Daily Personal Chores, Daily Household Chores, Weekly Household Chores, and Before You Ask for Screens.

Mr. Beren is four and I’ve included his chore chart below.


You might be wondering what Funschooling is.You can read about it here, and I’ll definitely write about this topic in the future, but as a teaser (and because E insists) I’ll include an example of one of her funschooling activities. Today E needed to go outside for 10 minutes and complete a nature journaling page.

E is very artistic, and has recently gotten into photography, so instead of drawing what she saw outside she took a picture of it with her Kindle Fire. I highly recommend Kindle Fires as learning tools and for long car rides.

Our chore charts are working well this week, but there’s still a novelty about them. I’m crossing my fingers that this system continues to work well in the days to come.

I know that chores is a touchy subject, but let’s have a community discussion.

Do your kids do chores? If so what kind of chores do they do? Do they earn wages or an allowance? How old are your kids?

Parenting is hard, this tool can make it easier.

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