Concord Baptist Church Playground

Today we got to celebrate a good friend’s second birthday — which was bittersweet. ¬†Happy Birthday J man! We love you! He’s growing up and starting to be a big boy, and I consider it a joy to watch him grow.

However, it was a reminder that Snicklefritz will be turning 2 soon. She’s not a baby anymore.

We met for about an hour at the playground at Concord Baptist Church. As a mom, I love that this church opens up their playground to the community, and I really appreciate that this playground has a fence. It enables kids to be kids and moms to not be (as) nervous that their kids are going to run into a parking lot. This is an extremely important feature when you get SEVEN kids together who are all under the age of 10.

There are also plenty of swings, slides, and riding toys — so in an ideal world this would keep squabbles to a minimum. However, you and I both know we don’t live in an ideal world. There’s always something to fight over.

I think the kids had a great time. Although, they didn’t always follow the rules. Here’s a picture of Snicklefritz going up the slide — just look at those eyes.

And a picture of Mr. Beren standing on the slide, he insists “I AM sitting!”. What do you think?

We played for about an hour and then it got too hot. Summers in the south are hard. As much as I want my kids to play outside it gets too hot to be outside by about noon. I’d love to know how you keep your kids busy and away from screens.

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  1. Today was a wonderful day! I am thankful for children after loss. All of them are precious but there is something amazing when we get a little rainbow baby after God has taken one. Today, I got to celebrate the 2nd birthday of my rainbow baby, J.K., with my sister in Christ, Amanda and all of our children. I appreciate her friendship, and perspective and calm in the middle the storm! She shines the love of God to my life and I am thankful for her. I have missed seeing them all since I have had a new baby recently and am more of a home body than the adventurer she is but am branching out. I love our differences because our common ground is Jesus Christ! I am thankful for nap time and when nap time is over. that’s now. I get to continue to celebrate my rainbow baby with the wonderful family God has given me! Praise God the Father, for He alone is good, so, so good!

    • Oh I love your sweet family Heather! I am blessed to have your friendship, and I love how we balance each other.

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