Math Lessons for a Living Education

Math Lessons for a Living Education

We’re trying to do some light school during the summer. You may have already picked up on that based on Mr. Beren’s chore chart that I shared with you.

This year S & E are completing Math Lessons for a Living Education. S is working on level 4 and E is working on Level 2. I absolutely love this gentle curriculum, and its approach to real world math problems. Today E completed Exercise 5 Day 15. One of her assignments for this exercise was to complete a beautiful leaf rubbing. The curriculum took her through a step by step approach.

Here are some examples of the leaf rubbings we completed. Snicklefritz joined in the fun and completed the rubbing on the bottom left all by herself.

You may be asking yourself, “What in the world do leaf rubbings have to do with math?”.

Well in the curriculum there are two twins, and in this particular lesson they are writing a letter to their grandparents to tell them what they have learned about leaves in the fall and how trees “subtract” their leaves until there are none left. Isn’t that a great illustration?

I’m always on the lookout for ways to avoid my children asking the question, “When are we ever going to use this?”. Do you have an example of how you made subtraction relevant to your children? Or a trick for teaching your child to love math?



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  1. If there are 5 cookies left in the bag, and mommy hides in the laundry room and eats 2 of them, how many are left for you little monkeys? 😉

    • Hey Beth! This is great because it’s a trick question. Obviously 5-2=3, but since I have four monkeys, don’t appreciate hearing “that’s not fair”, and they have already eaten an entire bag of Cheetos today then they get no cookies. Therefore in this scenario 5-2=0.

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