My Secret Weapon

My Secret Weapon

A couple of months ago, okay it was more like February  I was walking up the stairs at work, blacked out, and fell. That happened a couple more times. I was also needing naps and very annoyed with my kids and my husband. Simply put, I was NOT living the life I wanted to live.

It really does. I went grocery shopping to day then came home and took a 4 hour nap. There went all my productivity for 2 days

Meanwhile, I kept seeing these posts by my friend Margaret about Plexus. I was skeptical. But, they offer a 60 day empty package money back guarantee. Where else can you find a product that will give you your money back TWO months after you’ve used the product? I signed up for Plexus expecting to take advantage of the money back offer. Seriously, what did I have to loose?

Fast forward four months, I’m no longer blacking out. Instead of drinking an entire pot of  coffee fully loaded with flavored creamer (Yuck) I drink one cup. In short, this little pink drink has transformed my life.

I’ve decided to start pursuing my dream of writing a blog. I no longer have sugar cravings (although I still love cheesecake). I’m almost never annoyed with my husband and kids– I mean they are people.  This little pink drink has enabled me to stop napping and start going on little adventures with the kids almost daily. I’m happier, healthier, and more of the mom I always dreamed I would be.  My husband has noticed a big difference, and has requested that this little pink drink remain a part of my daily routine.

So. if you’ve stuck with the post this long please hear me out. I don’t want to sell you a product. I’m sharing with you a healthy tool that I’m using to be the mom and wife I’ve always wanted to be. I’d love to share more of my story with you. I’d also love to hear what health tools you’re currently using to help you avoid the afternoon slump and pursue your dreams?

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