Straw Jewelry

I’ve been slowly working with Mr. Beren and Snicklefritz through a book called Engage. This E book is by Jamie Reimer, and I just love how Jamie reminds us of the simple things in life. Her website, Hands On As We Grow, is a wonderful compilation of simple, fun, and engaging activities.

Mr. Beren and I snuck some time away from the others to work on his fine motor skills. While laughing an talking and having a great mother son bonding experience we made straw necklaces. Of course our laughter brought Snicklefritz to the table, and she made a bracelet.

When E came down stairs to see what was next on her chore list she saw our fun and decided that she wanted to bead for her creative play today. And S grabbed his math book so he could be with the family.

E is currently into designing her own bedroom, and made a beautiful fan pull.

And what was meant to be helpful for one child in my family turned into an occasion that was therapeutic for my soul.

On another note, you may have noticed the tape at the end of the fan pull.  E accidentally cut the fan pull too small, and I can’t tie a knot at the end. I don’t want her to have to recreate her masterpiece. Does anyone know how we can fix this?

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