Time Maps

A while ago I had the privilege of teaching a community college. I loved this job because I had the opportunity to talk to adults about subjects that I needed to know more about like Time Maps.

I’m so thankful for my Time Map because it is a simple way to make sure that I’m keeping a balanced life that creates opportunities for my personal values. It is also a simple tool that helps keep me organized and simplifies my life.

I learned about this tool from Julie Morgenstern (she has a great number of tools that I highly recommend (this is an affiliate link)).

She suggests that you try to have only 3-5 life categories (values, pursuits) at a time.

Currently, my life categories are:

  1. Home Making (which includes making my home comfortable physically, emotionally, and spiritually)
  2. Motherhood (which includes homeschooling and building relationships within my home)
  3. Health (because I cannot take care of others when I’m not taking care of myself)
  4. Personal Development (both spiritual and academic)
  5. Community Building (which includes both fun activities and civic responsibilities)

Once you’ve identified you’re values it is important to schedule them. You’ll also have to fill your schedule with your current commitments. Hopefully these two items line up, but if they don’t you’ll have to figure out WHY you are making some of the commitments you’re making.

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In the past when I had a job outside the home I would fill my time map with actual times. Today my time map looks much different, unless I have an obligation outside the home I like to be able to allow creative space in my life by simply following a routine. I print off these pages at the beginning of the week, put them in a page protector, and stick it to my fridge. Super high tech, right?

I’d love to know any tips and tricks you use to simplify your life.

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